Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Happy Tuesday!  My fingers are tired.  I did 10 challenges today. lol..  Whew!  I do love it though, as you know. I can't wait to do my challenges each week.  It really stretches my creativity..you know?  
I will be starting up my workshops in about 4 weeks for all of you that come to them.  I welcome anyone else who is interested also.  email me or call me...(s123viv@aol.com

Visit my Stampin up website to see what classes are coming up. (nothing yet, I have to plan them)  So, give me a week or so before you check...

I hope you enjoy my entries this week. Feel free to leave a comment under each one.



Janet K said...

10 Challenges!!! Wow! Color me impressed.

Kerin said...

Woah Viv you are a challenge completing queen! 10 challenges, I would never even begin to attempt that!!!

Mom's rose

Mom's rose