Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Holidays everyone!

The Christmas season is upon us already...I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was a great success. I know mine was. Lots of fun with family..thats what is all about. (and of course being very thankful for all our blessings too!)

I will be posting many holiday items here for you to look at. Sorry I am not so good about posting directions, but that will be my New Year's resolution. I am a work in progress. Last year at this time I did not even have a blog. So I am progressing.

Hold on to your hats...we have lots of projects, shopping , wrapping and cooking to do this month. Please take some time to enjoy the season. Play a little holiday music and sip some wine (or a nice cup of cocoa) as you look at the sparkling lights in your home and others. Have a very happy holiday season!!!

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Butternut Sage Designs said...

WOW!!! I had to hold on to my hat because you actually wrote a wonderful post for all of us to read!It's so nice to get to hear about you on your blog as well as see your work. Great job!

Mom's rose

Mom's rose